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We are a group of community leaders creating a vision for our street that can help bring our community together.


The safety of our residents and visitors is job #1. We believe we can improve the safety of our drivers and pedestrians by making some smart changes along our street that promote safe use of our thouroghfare.


We believe that creating smart, energy efficient, sustainable, green spaces will improve the conditions and uses for our street. Promoting Metro ridership and family ourdoor activities will greatly increase the usability of our street.


Marmion Way has a rich history we would like to highlight and make accessable to everyone in our community. We will put forward a plan that allows everyone to enjoy our historic landmarks.

Our Plan

We have crafted a plan that sets achievable goals for our street.


Street Updates


Street Updates


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Green Space


Highlighting the rich history of our street

  • 1880

    Mount Washigton Hotel

    Long after the land boom of the 1880’s a luxury hotel was in construction during 1909, which became the spark of Mt. Washington’s turning point. The hotel was a modest building but took advantage of the panoramic view of the hill top. Very soon with the establishment of public transportation around Mt. Washing- ton the area blossomed into a destination place.

  • 1889-1910

    Lummis House

    The Lummis House is the perfect example of the representation of historical material use of the area when the Spanish used to inhabit the land. It predominantly uses river rock as well as casual use of wood, stucco, adobe, and occasionally brick. There are some Victorian style architecture, rustic craftsman style, and even random apartment condos on the site that represent the diversity of the community.

  • 1910

    Railway's Terminus at Marmion Way

    The incline railroad is one of the most remarkable rail projects in the area, however, the cable line was built to bring passengers from the base of Mt. Washington to the hotel that was erected at its top in 1939. The lines were shut down for repair in 1919. The cars were removed in 1922 and the tracks in 1930.

  • 1914

    Southwest Museum

    The Southwest Museum in hopes of maintaining the roots and history of this community, through the Museum’s website, “in 1932, the Southwest Museum began to focus primarily on Native American culture. There was also establishment of the Southwest Museum Metro Station (Gold Line) on Marmion Way to create a more suitable way of transportation in the area.

  • 1969

    Heritage Square

    Heritage Square Museum located near the base of Mt. Washington, saved by the Cultural Heritage Foundation in 1969, is also another attempt to promote the preservation and importance of the American lands’ history. The museum holds structures built between 1850 and 1950. The site holds numerous landmarks that speak about the rich history of the place.

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We are a group of community leaders with the passion to improve our commiunity